I love my wife, but she keeps telling me I don't.  Whats up with that? What is it going to take for her to realize I love her and quit trying to make me do something, I am already doing?  This series addresses the issue of "one-sided" love affairs.  Whether you are the wife, the husband, the child, the parent or the friend- it is not uncommon to find yourself in a relationship where you feel you are not being loved back.  Is it because of expectations?  Is it because someone does not want to be the first to give?  Or is it because one does not know what it is they are expecting when they say "I want somone to love me for real" or "I really love you"?  
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Introducing My Wife!!!

The love of my life, she is my air, my heart beat, she is my everything. Who am I speaking of; my wife Sharee Lewis. I am honored to have had her as my wife for the past 14 going on 15 years of my life. My wife has shown me over the years the true meaning of love. She has stood with me through the good and not so good. She has a warm giving heart and a sunburst smile and God gave her to me. Men love your wives as God has commanded, they are truly gifts given from God.

My Family

That's my Moma, O.K. I'm actually married to her daughter. We don't do in-laws she treats me like a son not an in-law. She is my Pastor,Pastor Washington, she has birthed me in the word and she is my teacher. I honor and love my Pastor, Moma, and teacher.